Why we started our business


We started our candle making business 17 years ago. With the idea of having a better candle. We started creating many types of candles from Soy to Paraffin and even Beeswax candles.  After a few years of research, many trial and errors we designed the perfect Gel Candle. One that is clean burning, even burning, long lasting, and smells amazing. Our Gel candles light up with such an elegant beauty that will take your breath away. The light from the flame reflects down to illuminate the entire candle. Which is how we came up with our name The Lighted Wick. After having five children and my sister having a child with a life threatening disease known as Cystic Fibrosis, we put the business on the back burner. Then after six years, I took A leap of faith. I quit my full time job to follow our dream. Our family, ( kids included ) started making candles and going to craft Shows, vendor shows and trade shows. While at these events we had multiple people interested in selling our products. Now today we are a direct sales company. Giving moms, dads and families the opportunity to work from home as a consultant. To have the extra income they need to pay bills, pay for kids sports activities, or just go on vacation. I wanted to give people like my sister opportunities to not only be secure financially but to have more precious moments with their kids.