Hawaiian Paradise Gel Candle


Hawaiian Paradise is our top selling candle! It gives you a fresh and clean fragrance!  The blue rock and sea shells that grace the bottom of the candle gives you the look and feel of the ocean when the candle is lit up! The light reflects down and illuminates every aspect of its beauty!

Our Gel Candles are a one of a kind candle and have many attributes:

1. They are known for their slow burn

2. They burn for about 80-90 hours

3.They are the slowest burning candle on the market today!

4.They are clean burning

5. They are one of the only candles that will burn evenly all the way down

6. They hold fragrance better than any other wax because of their consistency

7 The light from the flame reflects down to illuminate the candle

199 in stock (can be backordered)